Orbital Lumberjack Axe Biological Bomb (OLABB)
MaErDa created the OLABB to quickly and easily cut down massive sekoya forests by launching an self-propelled Axe mounted on a next-gen Executor Engine for maximum impact. Launched from low orbit; the OLABB reach a tremendous speed and temperature then he obliterate an sekoya in two before he dug into his roots to release his precious cargo ; the Queen and the King of an Sekoya’s RootMonger Parasites hive. Theses pests eat all roots in 150km of his hive. A chance our scientists made the lifespan of their Queen to 22 days. The easiest way to cut gigantic trees on the market or clean a undesired city. Solution provided by MaErDa who decline any responsability of child deaths or dog mutations. Warranty Void on any product and humans near 200 km of impact. Because Lumbers and Battles Axes are Obsolete in 2035
Marc Gauvin
Zbrush Artist / Game Designer - Designer