OPTIMAX 3D Project
Virtual Reality simulation for Oil & Gas industry. This application is based on an engineering calculus engine, built up on a parametric database, which relies on international standards models such as API, ASME, ASTM, NEPA, OCIMF, ISA, PIP, GPSA, NACE, also on the best practice of engineering and construction, which generates a great technical solution to select the right materials, equipment and infrastructure. As a result, the software is able to create a 3D real time simulation, which result of the calculations shows by the engineering engine mention before, that will allows us to show not only visual appealing but also the technical reality present on the oil and gas industrial sector developed all the engineering process that allowed identifying the main equipment and materials associated to the storage, loading and unloading of oil and gas; this software has the capacity to generate a 3D real time simulation of a whole marine terminal. OPTIMAX 3D Project (Version 1.0) was released at 21st World Petroleum Congress (Moscow - June 2014) and Latin American Petroleum Expo (Maracaibo - July 2014). "OPTIMAX 3D Project" is owned by "Castillomax Oil and Gas, S.A.": LinkedIn: LinkedIn: OilPro: Web Info:
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Marco Romero
3D Professional Designer - Producer