Ophidia Activation Code
Published a year ago

Ophidia Activation Code

About This GameWith 170,000 downloads so far... IT'S TIME TO GET ON STEAM!!!TWO NEW GAME MODES + CONTROLLER SUPPORTDevour your enemies to your heart’s delight in two new game modes.12 different enemies with different movements and attacks.4 different bosses to defeat.ZEN MODEfeatures an endless version of the classic Ophidia where the player can play any level in a sandbox mode with constantly respawning enemies. TIMED MODEfeatures more of a challenge, as you race to eat up more enemies and extend how long you have to stay alive.Consume all life as a serpentine demi-god in Ophidia!A decree has been made: all worlds must be purged so life may begin anew. Play as the legendary Norse Ouroboros, sent down from the heavens to cleanse Yggdrasil - the world tree - of all beings.CONSUMEEncircle your enemies to devour them and grow in size! Each foe behaves differently and offers new challenges. Take down bigger and bigger enemies as you grow longer and demonstrate your fearsome power by leaving none alive.EXPLORETravel through five beautiful worlds, each accompanied by a myriad of unique creatures, a breathtaking score, and challenging gameplay.CONQUERWithout a fight, there is no true victory! Bosses of different worlds possess unique powers. Defeat each one to truly cleanse the world and progress to the next. b4d347fde0 Title: OphidiaGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, StrategyDeveloper:MassDiGIPublisher:MassDiGIRelease Date: 24 May, 2017 Ophidia Activation Code sanctum ophidia normal. gucci ophidia zip around wallet. ophidian audio. ophidia card case wallet. ophidia mini. gucci ophidia outfit. ophidia tarot. ophidia meaning. ophidiophobia fear. ophidian 909 track. ophidia studio. klasifikasi ophidia. ophidian 2350 card list. ophidia video game. ophidia medium top handle bag. ophidia wallet. ophidia rosa oracle. ophidia spathe nerf. ophelia feh. gucci ophidia. ophidia card case. neverland ophidia. kleine ophidia schultertasche. ophidia round bag. ophidian 5e. ophidia iphone x folio crossbody. ophidia classification. ophidia shoulder bag. gucci ophidia unboxing. ophelia fire emblem. ophidian eye. gucci ophidia navy. ophidia cosmetic case. ophidia dragon bag. ophidia bucket bag. gucci kleine ophidia. ophidia small gg supreme crossbody bag Fun game. Very artistic. Unfortunately, also a VERY short game.. It's alright. It's a pleasant looking relaxing little game that plays a bit like the old "snake" game where you must not cross your own body as you move, but you have to circle enemies to "eat" them.Each level plays in a similar fashion: eat small friees, eat larger enemies, eat boss at the center when you get larger enough. Some enemies can avoid your attacks, others can freeze you, others still can actually attack you if you take too much time circling them.It's not an _amazin_ game or anything, but I founf it enjoyable.. While Ophidia looks and sounds nice, there's just too much wrong with it for anyone to justify the listed price of $4.99.It's very short, taking under half an hour to beat the "story" mode. There's a timed mode if you want to challenge yourself, but even that won't add but maybe another half hour to your playtime. None of the Steam achievements work properly, so you won't even have those to show off for your time spent. And the controls are just frustrating enough (for the price) to make you consider refunding.It's a nice little game with a good aesthetic, but way overpriced. Pick it up on a sale at %50 off or more if you're curious.. This should have been a good game. When I first saw Ophidia, I grew excited because I love to play the phone game Snake. The art style was phenomenal and the music was outstanding. The problems were that the achivements never worked and the countless bugs (such as playing in fullscreen mode made the game freeze) made it impossible to play.I do understand that this was a student made game and I appreciate the hard work that went into it. Though until these bugs are fixed, it is hard for me to reccomend for someone to play.. Fun game. Very artistic. Unfortunately, also a VERY short game.. Beautifully artistic looking game, with a great concept bringing Snake into a 360 environment. Rather than having to hit spots to grow you fully circle animals to consume them, the difficulty of the game comes from if you complete your circle not on your tale you lose that much tale. What the game lacks is variety with enemies not offering much differ in the challenge, 4 bosses which you deal in the same way each time. The games central core has 40 minutes of game time, you do have 2 additional modes but these do not add variety to the challenges on offer and at the price makes me question the value of the product. Great little game but too little on offer to be called anything more than a student project.Video: Loved this game for my phone but had trouble playing on the screen. The mouse makes it so much easier to move! Now I can hopefully beat the last boss haha.Love the Music and art too.. Short but entirely satisfying. Extremely pretty, too. The gameplay is a neat mixture of snake and "eat to grow" games.. Short but entirely satisfying. Extremely pretty, too. The gameplay is a neat mixture of snake and "eat to grow" games.
Tonya Rodriguez