Published 4 months ago
Available on
Tizen; Android; iOS
Oopstacles is best described as “Wipeout meets Mario.” It’s a ragdoll runner for all ages, with quirky avatars and padded obstacles reminiscent of TV shows such as Wipeout, MXC and Slime Cup!
Oopstacles isn’t another stale 3-lane, 4-direction swipe endless runner. It has beautifully simple controls, but elegance and depth to its gameplay. It has been designed as a casual game that anyone can pick up and play in short bursts. It uses a single lane, contextual one-touch control system and relies on the player’s timing, dexterity and ability to read upcoming visual patterns. Unlike a lot of other games that have boring, static screen capture systems, we use a custom GIF capture system of the funniest moment in our game - the ragdoll “knockout” moment!
For more info about the design of the game, please read our blog.

Crystal Pug
Game Languages
Arabic; Chinese, Simplified; English; French; German; Indonesian; Japanese; Italian; Korean; Portuguese, Brazil; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Tizen; Android; iOS