Onion Jam
Updated 9 months ago
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Lead the onions to safety through hand-crafted isometric maze. Game started for Unity 2D Challenge.

A bunch of silly onions are united for one goal - to escape the scary dungeon they accidentally entered. However, it's not gonna be easy as there are tons of traps awaiting along the path. You're now their subconscious leader helping to find a way through the maze, saving as many innocent lives as possible.

The bread and butter of Onion Jam are the beautifully handcrafted levels. Isometric view was chosen, as we believe it is simply more appealing and stands out from the rest of the 2D games. It was also a perfect opportunity to work with the new Isometric Tilemaps, thanks to which we were able to create this demo level in a couple of hours and only using a handful of different assets.
As the video below shows, we are using a single grid with 3 tilemaps: A base ground level, where all the floor sits. It is built with the help of Isometric Rule tile, and can thus be created in a matter of minutes. Below it lays the Ground_Under tilemap, which features the rocks that the islands are sitting on. Due to time constraints we were placing them manually, as for the future the rule tile will have to be modified to take more distant cell neighbours into account to craft the layer as it looks right now. The third tilemap holds the walls, which are also easily placed thanks to Isometric Rule Tile. Our pathfinding system is using this tilemap to calculate the paths for the units, as well as holding the 2D Composite collider to not allow the units to push one another through walls or outside level bounds.
The walls and the units are sitting on the same sorting layer, so the default Unity sorting works perfectly for our needs.

Tomas Činga
Game Developer - Programmer
Animator/Game Designer - Artist
Greta Syrnickė
Illustrator/Graphics designer - Artist
7 months ago
can't we download the game or the project to use it ??
Dorin Buraca
8 months ago
Game Designer
Great job @Tomas Činga , when can we play your game ;) ?
Alexandrescu Paul
8 months ago
Love the art style&attention to details you managed to put into this game jam, great work guys!
Ciro Continisio
8 months ago
Technical Evangelist
Lovely project!
Esteban Feldman
9 months ago