ONE: Visual Scripting State Machine

The battle tested State Machine tool for Unity is here!

Build the structure and state-logic of your application in no time!

This editor tool extends Unity's built-in state machine - the Animator system. There is no need to learn a fancy new system - just get started as usual with the Animator and integrate a state machine in your workflow as simple as that!
Use your own code base and logic without writing additional scripts. Execute functions from your own MonoBehaviour scripts on Animator states and create a clear structure of your program flow. Make your game/app logic accessable to your whole team by revealing the main dependencies and interfaces in the familiar Animator workspace.
Easier debugging, better code maintenance, faster iterating


  • Use your own code base
  • Add your own functions with up to 9 types of supported input parameters + conditions + else-statements
  • Supports multiple Layers and SubStateMachines
  • You can visualize the program flow and plan ahead
  • No more extra scripts needed for "StateMachineBehaviours"
  • Easy debugging with state-tracking and diagnostic reports
  • Effective Change Management after Refactoring
  • Platform independent
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Maximilian Schäfer
Developer - Owner