One Sphera
One Sphera is an exciting, revolutionary approach to Connection, Collaboration, and making the world a better place.
INTRODUCING the ONE SPHERA PLATFORM Connecting People with their Passions through Trusted Third-Party Connections * What if there was a solution that aligns the good being accomplished by people and organizations to solve real-world problems? * What if that solution was fun, easy to use, and down-to-earth? * What if you could scale this solution seamlessly from person-to-person to a neighborhood, a city, a nation, and worldwide? A PURPOSE-DRIVEN PLATFORM Welcome to One Sphera’s unique and revolutionary technology platform that builds bridges across the divides that exist in society. It cultivates your personal, organizational, and community network by accelerating trusted, third-party connections (Let’s Connect™) within One Sphera’s spheres of influence, knowledge, and passion. It’s designed to support meaningful and productive real world effort by focusing on what connects us, not on what divides us. SPHERES OF INTEREST One Sphera’s easy-to-use digital platform connects you and/or your organization’s participants to their mutual passions/interests — to people you NEED to know — in ways not possible with existing technology. (Let’s Meet™). Examples of shared interests include meaningful work; health and well-being; business and vibrant local economies; local food; transformation; education; sports; hobbies; and more. Innovation, growth, and creating the world we desire starts by bringing people together quickly and easily on projects they are passionate about. By using the One Sphera Project creation feature, (Let’s Work™), it becomes easy to find people and gather resources to collaborate, create and improve communities online and in the real world. Importantly, One Sphera offers high-quality/value and trusted connections through our Relevance and Reputation engines and Network Map Analytics — all on a fun, gaming platform. One Sphera is highly secure, fully opt-in, relationship focused, and offered in 80+ languages — on smartphones, computers, pads, and other devices. Watch our video to learn more!
Bud James
CTO - Programmer
Asher Tuggle
Unity and .NET Engineer - Programmer
Lead Unity Programmer/Analyst