One Punch Stickman : Super Galaxy
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On the time not far away from present. On a planet belong to 9th GALAXY was know with name "STICKMAN KINGDOM". The people in there has lived in peace for a long time until the enmity, the selfish, the anger inside each of them become bigger than ever. The WAR has become necessary sequel to result all addictions of them. When the war was happening slashing than ever. A hidden threat to all people on STICKMAN KINGDOM can make them face with extinction : ALIEN DARK ARMY. With most powerful army in 9th GALAXY, The ALIEN DARK ARMY has exterminated all planet they passed and STICKMAN KINGDOM is the next target. In this urgent situation STICKMAN KINGDOM need a cessation to against the enemy was coming up!!!
The Prince, Hero and Future King of STICKMAN KINGDOM : SUPER ONE PUNCH STICKMAN has been given mission : Mash all the point of ALIEN DARK ARMY!!
In this game, you must control (using virtual joystick) Super Golden Stickman by avoiding or firing enemy space ships and the most important for you: be careful with the asteroids, they're actually uncomfortable hidden enemies you would be meet all the time of your mission.
Your power weapon can be stronger by getting bullet reward that could be found in journey. Don't miss them, they can help you survive for a long time and you can get high score by killing enemies with that. Include 3 kinds of bullet reward in this version :
+ Double Kill
+ Golden Swing Killer
+ Golden Shield ---> This's actually not a bullet reward. It create a shield around all your body to protect you once time.
Beside all bullet kinds, you have more 2 FATALITY SKILLS:
+ The Thunder Sky
+ The Rocket Matrix
* Notes:
+ To using fatality skill you must have enough 'MANA' that getting by killing enemies or asteroids.
+ You just have one life. It's mean if you be hit by bullet of enemies, colliding with asteroids or enemy space ships, you will be die immediately and then GAME OVER.
+ How many enemies be killed that is your SCORE.
Tran Minh Thong
Mr - Programmer
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