River of Lights Final video
Updated 3 years ago
Submission to Neon Challenge
This is my submission for the Unity Neon challenge. The project is complete now. The YouTube link is
I will post more screen shots in the next couple hours just wanted to get the final video uploaded. Thanks LMG.
Timeline screen track put in to groups and open so you can see the curves for this photo, I normally had them minimized with working on the project.
The environment scene. World map view the video start with the Cinemachine virtual camera near the world 0,0,0 point, near the Ethan statue.
The lighting view 2 directional lights one to keep a low light on the materials and fog. I set up 4 spot lights 2 on the Ethan statue from the river banks and 2 on the close buildings to light up the trees along the sides of the visible scene. The wall lighting light and dark blue are just point lights set at somewhat random spacing I just picked a spot that looked good.
Post Processing profile screen shot 01 I only used one profile for the scene, custom settings for the Fog. Ambient Occlusion, just turned up a little from the starting point. Screen Space Reflection some are changed I did not need to move them much.
Post Processing profile screen shot 02. Bloom Intensity set low 0.2 and the Threshold (Gamma) 0.85 that is lower then starting, it gives a little more bloom because it starts sooner. Color Grading lots of small changes every setting moved a little. The Channel Mixer (Trackballs the 3 wheels near the bottom) very small changes to the blue green side. I did not get a screen shot.
I watched the live stream from Unity 10 – 01 – 2018. I then upgraded to 2017.03 after that and restarted the project. The total work time for the project was about 15 hr mostly on the weekend. Thanks all.
The rest of the posts are from before the final project was done.

Last day, still working on the Linux experimental version, seeing a few weird things going on with some of the mesh rendering, I will get a video of it and submit it to the Unity bug reports after the contest is over. I am hoping it will not happen in my final video.
This is the 1st test run using the new Time line tools. This is just an OBS recording from the Unity editor and playing in the video in the editor.
I do have a lot more to get done before the final scene.
YouTube clip
The starting scene with the downloaded assets, I have downloaded and imported assets from Unity 4.x 5.x and 2017. I decided it would be best to start new projects for them and let Unity update to the current version for the older packs. I then took the parts that I would need from each pack and exported in to a custom ( .unitypackage )
Example is the car model import had player controllers and custom scripts that are not needed and may conflict with other imports.
I still have some other models and art work to import all of it will go in to the Liquid Media folder the imports so far are 985 MB most of that may not be used in the final build.
The project inspiration for the project from a real location near my place.
Working with some reference photos, and maybe mixing in some real images for the back drops.
I have upgraded to Unity 2017.3 0f1 it's is working much better now. I have restarted and made sure to update all the imported assets. Now I am building the full scene getting all the static models in place.
My next step is working on the main lighting, then animations will be next.
Unity Asset store downloads
Unity Essentials
Unity Technologies!/content/79898
Timeline - Included in the Unity editor, a tool for creating cinematic content and gameplay sequences
Post Processing Stack
Note: version 2.0 of the post-processing stack is currently in development on Github.!/content/83912
Unity Essentials/Beta Content
Unity Technologies!/content/94079

Extras from Unity
Standard Assets
Unity Essentials/Asset Packs
Unity Technologies!/content/3235

Unity Particle Pack
Unity Essentials/Asset Packs
Unity Technologies!/content/73777

TextMesh Pro
Unity Essentials/Beta Content
Unity Technologies!/content/84126

Adventure - Sample Game - I did not use any thing in the end project
Unity Essentials/Sample Projects
Unity Technologies!/content/76216

Other asset packs all free
Nature Starter Kit 2
3D Models/Environments

Rocks HD Pack - I did not use any in the final project
3D Models/Environments/Landscapes
R & P studios!/content/81901

Modern Car 01 - I did not use any in the final project
3D Models/Vehicles/Land

Amane Kisora-chan(FREE ver)
3D Models/Characters
Sapphiart Inc!/content/70581

Sci-Fi Scout Drone
3D Models/Vehicles/Space
Liquid Media Games
Owner - Programmer