Omega 3010
Updated 2 years ago
Here's my submission for the Unity's Neon Challenge, hope you like it! It's scenery based on a distant world / future, where machines are mixed with nature for different purposes.
I haven't really done concept art for this one, since basically I started with a vague idea of "... a jungle-like place where technology can be found...", so I guess this is the 'concept' I made myself of it, not too specific, not too many details to consider at all. The main reason being the time constrains in order to be able to fulfill everything withing the dateline.
To be honest with you all, I'm not really participating with the idea of winning at all. If I happen to 'win' something that would be ultra awesome and I wouldn't mind at all :) !
However, the main reason I decided to enter the challenge was (and keep being) "... to help me make good portfolio material while sharing around with the game developers community and learning / practicing the new Unity tools set of Timeline and Cinemachine..." - I'm doing so by taking the very few time available I do have out from my day-to-day projects and be able to craft something of my very own liking that really hasn't anything to do with an actual video game release or anything. Just try relax and go for the best shot I can given the time restrictions and that is supposed to be a solo ride... anyhow, I just love to do level design so I'm really loving this challenge!

On the process, I started texturing a character that I was going to use as the focus for the main action on the scenes. However, later on due to time constrains, I decided not to include it. Mostly because it needed a fair amount of work with its rigging / animations.
Nevertheless, I decided to upload the pics of the texturing process since it was part of the things one does that just don't work at the end but that surely takes the time away I guess. So I guess somehow I'll document it as part of the process.

: : Character Texturing Process : :

: : Crafting the Underwater : :
The next thing to test was underwater, because the scene will end with some underwater camera shots (hopefully). It was a bit messy to setup this one up, but I think it ended looking good enough as a test bed, so I'm happy with the preliminary results! XD

: : 1st Pass - Terrain Detailing : :

: : 2nd Pass - Terrain Detailing : :
[ Update ] - 1/10/2018 - I'm now working full time during this last week so I should be updating daily from now on. Thanks for taking from your precious time to look all the way down to here! If you like enough to decide giving me a 'Thumbs Up' ! ! ! It'll be greatly appreciated ! ! ! XD

: : 3rd Pass - Terrain Detailing : :
[ Update ] - 1/11/2018 - I started to key in some animation with the help of the new Timeline tool. I'm amazed at how well it works. I just love it. Thanks to @Mike Geig for the live session and walk-trough the making of the original real-time video scene for the Neon Challenge. I learned a lot of cool details from it. Really cool stuff indeed! Like already stated, I'm a tad behind since all the responsibilities that comes around with the Christmas season holidays and a lot of family-related work to do. However I'll keep pressing on and will take this as further as I can! Thanks a lot for all of your support and please feel free to comment and share your thoughts about the project or the challenge. I already Up-Voted a few other submissions around, wow just many great creations! I'm amazed! Best of luck to all! XD

: : Adding Props while Retouching and Creating Needed Ones and/or Detailing : :
I'll be creating a bunch of this in order to help achieve the look of the "Neon" as something I found not only to be cool but that also helps unite all the different Neon Challenge's entries from all around. So expect lots of shine and of course, Neon! XD

Here is the final results of the texture rework on the Battle Cruiser Asset :

[ Update ] - 1/12/2018 - 1/13/2018 - Started adding props and final key elements to the scene. I've been working over some assets too in terms of refreshing their textures and some times adding cool features like emissions for example. From now on I think most of the assets I'll actually need to create on my own. Which is fine, but it was so cool to get it all together this fast with the Asset Store things! Really useful and cool stuff indeed! Hope you like so far! Time for me to get back to work again XD
[ Update ] - 1/14/2018 - 1/15/2018 - Continued adding props and final key elements to the scene as well as try defining parts of the overall action of the scene. Not doing well with remaining time, but will definitely keep doing my best with what I got.
[ Update ] - 1/16/2018 - Corrupted Scene/Project XD - the end. Managed to recover from a somewhat old backup, but sadly is a no go...
This is how it was looking with near final color calibration and stuff, hope you like:
I've heard some complains about the water, please remember that is actually CTS is not a real water shader, I'm not trying to make excuses for low quality, just saying. So I recorded this small vid [Provided Above] that hopefully show a tad better how the murky-water material looks when you do actually look directly at the ground and the light conditions around are a tad more favorable to better enjoy the detail, hope you like enough.
: : Couldn't finish it on time, sorry : :
My scene went corrupted on my last challenge's day and with the last minutes hurry I didn't took the needed time to make backup so I lost lots of work, then when trying to recover from that, the bell ringed! XD
Hopefully I'll do better in another challenge / opportunity. It was really cool to give it a shot nevertheless and I learned a lot more of Unity overall. I think I mastered how to actually make the best of CTS shader, obviously got to try the Timeline which is really cool but I certainly do need more practice in order to be able to do more advanced stuff with it. Now I only need to practice Cinemachine and most likely learn a tad of scripting both tools.
Huge THANK YOU to Unity Technologies for hosting this one, and special thanks to all who supported my submission by Up-Voting it.

: : Credits / Resources : :
I made use of the following Asset Store plugins / resources:
AQUAS - Water Body Systems Solution
CTS - Terrain Shading System driven by profiles
Luminaris Starship
Rocks and Boulders 2
Starship Cruiser
Stone Head
Unity Post Processing Effects
uSky - Skydome / Skybox System
Jose Luis Torres Reyes
Game Developer (Unity Certified) - Artist
Tsuyoi Raion
2 years ago
Game Developer
Tsuyoi RaionTerrain work looks pretty good but the water looks very very odd.
It's simply how the water is displayed, it doesn't look like water, more like slick oil, if that's what your going for then great but if your trying to get water, i suggest making some changes. Anyways submissions are over, good luck!
Game Developer (Unity Certified)
Tsuyoi RaionTerrain work looks pretty good but the water looks very very odd.
The other thing might be camera angle for the shots given the time-of-the-day (TOD). If you start playing around with a little different daylight the results might be more clear most likely? Here is a video of a shot more favorable to actually show/focus on the water itself, hope you like it better:
Game Developer (Unity Certified)
Tsuyoi RaionTerrain work looks pretty good but the water looks very very odd.
Thank you. The water is because I want it to look like so. It's meant to be a swamp, so there's all kind of irregularities on the water cause by all type of surface blemishes and irregularities or terrain features. Its all configurable trough a shader, I just calibrated it to my liking to describe the scene atmosphere the better.
Tsuyoi Raion
2 years ago
Game Developer
Terrain work looks pretty good but the water looks very very odd.
Game Developer (Unity Certified)
lorenzo dominguezOh man I'm sorry that you have loose your project work, i was hoping to see it finished, i really like it.
Thanks @lorenzo dominguez and I really liked your project too, I did Up-Vote it by the way. Great work you too man. Very sharp and loved your modeling, particles and color calibrations too. Well, I hope I can do a better performance at a later challenge around, so expect me to put a good fight by then ;)