Old Classic Wheel Pack (Coming Soon...)
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Old Classic Wheel Pack (Coming Soon...)
This will be my fifth project, one of the most, it catches my attention. Some wheels of racing cars, or the typical ones (Porsche or Targa), that I remember a lot when I was young ..Those rims, with a large ring, and very deep, very chrome!
It will be based on Old School wheels, type JDM, also of European, American cars, and here I will show some captures:
Classic rim of the JDM, similar to the: "Hoshino Impul".

A rim, from one of the great Europeans .... I love it, I have no words. This last image is an example of how it would look, I will not include it in the package, but we can talk about how to create a logo.
You can always contact me.

Obviously we all know this rim, and if we are not all, it is the majority, i remember seeing many vehicles with those rims, and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.
The logo version will not be included in the package. But you can always get in touch with me, to see what can be done.
Retro style total! This tire seems super nice, it probably does not fit any vehicle ... but I like it!

These rims, with flat discs seem peculiar to me, they remind me of the drags races!

This rim, similar to the model: Racing Dish - ADVAN. With these you can record a race, at the same time, that skid!

A model similar to: A3A by ADVAN Which is one of my favorites, in this article


The Sidewalls, of my tires, are not textured in mirror mode, so you can always turn them over and place them in the correct direction.
Tires, express to run around the docks? I guess if you can.

A nice "Yokoshima". to run all over Japan!

Another set of tires, dedicated to stomp the pedal!

I hope you like it, those who love cars ... and those who are not too fond of them. Waiting for "Asset Store" to give you the go-ahead!

Thanks and best regards
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