This AR application for iOS and Android was built for the customers of OKKO gas stations to make their 5 minutes coffee break more emotional and magic during the winter holidays. That is why we used bright 3D animation and favorite festive songs. You need to download the application and scan the coffee cups to activate the company mascots and listen how they sing songs for you. It's possible to choose what song do you want to listen. More than that, this AR application is connected to social networks so users can take pictures and share them on Instagram or Facebook in one click.
This app proved that awesome marketing solutions can bring as many positive emotions for customers as profits for the company. As a result, AR app helped to increase sales of coffee products in the gas stations and to get closer with their visitors.
This application allows users to meet funny animated characters stepping out from the coffee cups and singing Christmas songs.
The more coffee users buy- the more cups they can scan together and listen to the choir of company mascots singing in the same time.
During the festive activation, users can take pictures and videos and share it in social media to bring some positive emotions to their family and friends.
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