Oh Frog
King Frog is in dire need! The ten crowns of power have been stolen, the kingdom's defenses are weakened, and a sinister dark presence is threatening to overrun the lands. Our esteemed leader is looking for brave souls to traverse the land and reclaim the crowns. For it is through the power of the crowns that our kingdom and its people have managed to live in peace and prosper. In the wrong hands, the power of the crowns could be twisted into a dark and deadly force. The crowns must be found! These times require a hero of extreme agility and profound bravery. And so Little Frog, now is your time to show everybody what you are really made of! Jump and spin as high as possible, bounce on walls and avoid poisonous and carnivorous plants. Eat flies to remain healthy, while feeding fruits to those hungry greeneries to keep them full and busy! Beat and embarrass their bosses with extreme feats of agility! King has entrusted you with a quest of utmost importance and it is your duty to see it through! For the King!
Michail Moiropoulos
Lead Game Developer - Programmer