Ogre The Top
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Ogre The Top is a Game Jam game made by a team of 5 Game Development students in under 16 hours! I was responsible for the Programming and Design of the game.

This is a two player game in which one player must survive for as long possible against the Ogre's attacks whilst the other player plays as the Ogre and must knock the other player into his hands by controlling wind and throwing debuffs at them. The Ogre can throw obstacles into the arena which can bump into the player and leave him spinning! The Ogre can also throw debuffs that will harm the player, but watch out as the game will spawn buffs for the player automatically which can help the player out of a sticky situation! The Ogre has one more ability... he can control wind. The Ogre can control the wind direction which will therefore affect the players movement and position and even make the wind more powerful for a short time. The Ogre can only use a select amount of abilities in a selected amount of time as there is a cooldown for all of these abilities. However, that is not everything, as the floor is a trampoline and will cause the situation to become Ogre The Top!
William Hughes
Unity Games Developer - Programmer
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