Odd - A Tale About Difference
Published a year ago
No weapon, one spell.

Can you survive in a world where difference is not recognized?

Inspired by Limbo and Lim, this prototype is an attempt to represent part of the LGBTQ + experience in coexisting in a society that does not recognize difference.

This game is in portuguese, but is very simple to play. When you are near the enemies you can listen:

Sapatão = Dyke
Traveco = Shemale
Viadinho = Faggot
Se fosse meu filho eu matava = If it was my son I would kill
Ainda bem que não é meu filho = It's good that he's not my son
Ele adora rosa = He loves pink

Controls (Support video games controllers)
Movements: key directions
Jump: Z
Spell: X

This work was possible due to the edict APP Para Cultura promoted by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil in 2017.

To follow more projects involving queer themes, follow Victoria Invicta, a drag queen game designer from Brazil.
Guilherme Soares de Oliveira
UI Designer - Designer
Game Languages
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