Octu Run
Published 10 months ago
Octu Run is an endless underwater action adventure game. Swim freely with intuitive controls through beautiful underwater environments. Fight your evil enemies with unique and fun power ups. Join the adventure and see how high you can go! Game got featured in the “Top 300 Apps” on Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.
Published: March 2015
Downloads: 10,000+
Platform: iOS | Android | Windows Phone
Role: Sole Programmer (Team of 2)

Programmed seamless levels with increasing difficulty using pattern based enemy AI. Programmed power-ups and tweening animations.
Programmed the UI for the Main Menu, Pause Menu, Lose/Win states and Store.
Programmed push notifications to make the players come back to the game. This increased the player engagement by 10%.
Designed various patterns for the enemies to form and programmed their movement with respect to the endless levels.
Programmed a Store where player can upgrade their weapons/powers using in-game currency. Play tested the game to figure out the cost of each item and make them affordable.
Implemented sprite based particle effects for the bubbles, laser and fire.
Krishna Teja Salimeda
Game Engineer - Student