Okus VR Experience
Updated 4 months ago
Throughout Octopus-VR-Community-Lab we open the doors to innovative and creative VR experience in the field of art and entertainement.
We will provide the VR experience for the Okus project, it all start with Motion captures files, we've already started to create the very first content and scenes for HTC Vive. We wants to open the opportunity to every artists and developpers to participate into this project throughout the Octopus-VR-Community Lab registration Link :

What we need to do :

As Octopus-Community dev team we will need to handle and define a complete new character matching the Okus world as this video sample from the Okus project:

About The Okus Project

OKUS entered in the transmedia, hybridization and innovation atmosphere! A new conception, surprising, disconcerting, mysterious as a charming spell or maybe like bewitchment? In fact, all is in the same time, a huge source of springboards, inventions and reinterpretations. The creative process is extremely pushed to the maximum where all each telling elements are opening on a new story.
A huge artistic organism growing, a new constant evolution,… That's the OKUS' genome birth! Imploding to break free and discover, discovering ourself. OKUS LAB is a enormous experiment that you can't tell but you use to live !