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Science To Go!
The Adventure begins!
Discovering the Ocean’s Secrets.
Be an Ocean Explorer!
Start an exciting journey with "One Eyed Piet".
There’s something about the ocean that makes it so mesmerizing.
Maybe it’s the size.
Maybe it’s all of the different creatures that can be found in it.
Enjoy learning about the ocean, coasts and sea life.
Listen to the sounds of the whales.
The deep ocean is the final frontier on planet Earth.
Exploring the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean.
Play, learn and explore with OEP different ecosystems like the coral reef, kelp bed, and open sea.
Watch whales, dolphins, sharks and other amazing species.
Our app/game is a perfect complement to traditional classroom teaching.
Our app/game teaches kids foundational science!
Discover how the ocean life is influenced by humans.
Collect marine debris that kills wildlife and desecrate the oceans.
Rescue turtles from "ghost nets".
Learn how we can help protect oceans from plastic pollution, ocean acidification and more!
Think about what you can do to protect the environment!

Volker Ide
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German; Swiss German; English, British; English
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iOS; Android; Mac