오빠 라면먹구갈래?
Updated a year ago
You'll feel the liveliness of your live D2D characters.

It is the first game made using 2D and the characters are lively.

The 2D characters are moved. Laughing, anger, shame, etc.

You can check the movements and expressions of your emotions according to the main character's fingers.

Through mini-game (rock, paper, scissors, dating) and conversation with her,

Learn about the fun of following up, learn about how to break up, and target the main characters.

If you build experience and skills through such efforts as RPG, the rate of resistance would increase.

If you want to control your girlfriend's personality, raise her to make lots of memories.

This game was developed by an indie team and we would like to ask your attention and point out many things to develop your participation.

I'll be the leader in the last game.