Now You See Me 2
Perform real magic within minutes with the Now You See Me 2 Mobile Magic app Trigger created in partnership with Lionsgate to promote the much anticipated sequel premiering June 2016. The app features augmented reality-enhanced magic tricks that use everyday objects like dollar bills and sugar packets, along with video tutorials for tricks to perform offline using your own deck of cards. The app also includes a challenging but addictive 3 Card Monte mini-game. Download now on the App Store and Google Play! Once you hone your magic skills, see if you have what it takes to join The Eye with the Look Closer site that Trigger developed in parallel to the Now You See Me 2 app. To prove you’re worthy to enter this elite society of magicians, you’ll need to seek out and solve all of the secret codes, clues and puzzles that have been planted within the film-branded artwork and trailers throughout the film’s marketing campaign. Enter your answers and track your progress on the site to unlock exclusive content and gain entrance into exciting sweeps sponsored by BMW! If you’re up for the challenge, head to the Look Closer site now to begin!
Bruce Wu
Software Engineer