NOTTie Fighter in VR
Personal project! Only for myself for obvious reasons. To recreate one of my favorite childhood games.
Everything is to scale, which can be painstaking when models all come at some arbitray scale, but yeah, if you are out of your ship and walking across an ISD's hull, it's not a short trip. This is just the sitting in a cockpit part of the experience. I had a working 3rd person part, but I accidentally broke the code (by starting with imported code without renaming it, then re importing on top of it :<), and am currently remaking that portion, but yea, the idea is you can walk around in roomscale VR and interact in your mother ship, get briefings, go to the blaster range, etc, You would move your avatar around, and you could teleport(your ghostly VR self) to your avatar, which allows platforming for the avatar, without making you jump IRL with your headset on. (as if you could clear a 6m jump anyways) or walk your avatar up to your fighter and jump in and fly off, only to immediately get shot down by the enemies hyper accurate point defense blasters :D
Michael Burgess
VR Experimenter - Student