Nosso Cafezinho (colheita de café) - advergame
Published a year ago
In development
iOS; Android; WebGL
This is a game about Fairtrade coffee. This was an advergame developed for my thesis, together with Dr James Stallwood. The game is about Fairtrade coffee. The objective of the game is to make consumers aware of Fairtrade and hopefully make them change their attitudes towards this brand. The design of the game has the colour scheme, scenario and shapes inspired by Brazilian-related elements. This was developed using a semiotics approach. Initially the game was developed to function as 1-level game. However, after finishing the experiment, I have decided to create more scenes and levels. Each one was designed according to each part of the process of the coffee: from collecting & selecting beans to selling the coffee. First you start as a farmer, and move towards other stakeholders. The game is limited by time and should work as a "Dumb-Ways-To-Die" style. Platform: designed for iPad, but tested on PC online.
Work in progress!
Vanissa Wanick
Educator & Researcher (VR/UX) - Designer
Game Languages
English, British; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android; WebGL