Noksuna: Prologue
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Android; iOS
"Nok P", as we call it, is a Diablo-style Action RPG based in a world from Mitch Cutler, an audio engineer and artist. The game will be more story-based than many action RPGs but will still feature random loot, enemies, etc. A key mechanic to the game is the player's ability to mix and modify the Skills that they can use by socketing special Runestones into the Skill; adding extra damage, projectile modifications and/or status effects.
The images here are very early stills and basic versions from the game and UI in the unity Editor. One of the main mechanics in the game is the ability modifying mentioned above. In the images, an "Elysian Stone" is the star shaped stone in blue/gold. These can drop from enemies, be bought, etc. When created by the game, they roll a random ability on them based on the "type" of E-stone (buff, debuff, magic, melee, ranged). The player must find "Juronian Stones" (the smaller stones inside the E-stone) and socket them into the E-stone to activate the ability and make it usable. Once usable, the player can put the stone in their Weapon, as shown in the image of a bow and sword. This lets the player mix and match what abilities they can use at any given time while also modifying the stats of those abilities through the J-stones and possibly adding additional effects to the abilities. It is essentially a min/maxers dream but it requires time spent farming for stones. Beyond this mechanic, we have a few additional, we think unique, mechanics that we want to implement and breathe new life into the Action RPG genre.
Web Application Developer - Designer
Mitch Cutler
Sonic Alchemist / 3D Artist - Artist
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Android; iOS