Nokia ICA Sales Demo

An interactive AR experience

My Responsibilities

  • Add SalesForce API communication
  • Create UI tools for other developer and implement material design
  • Work with the other developer (Krystian Babilinski) to provide a seamless AR experience on new and old devices
  • Resource Management and Project Planning

App Description

Engaging Customers Nokia and SalesForce partnered on a solution that positions CSP's and enterprises for success. To demo their new technology, they asked BlackBox to create and AR demo. Real-time Data This app connected to the SalesForce database in real time, allowing users to report machine information directly to the cloud. Smart Design Our development team made sure that the app was easy to use and that it offered both and AR and Normal mode so that the Nokia representatives could demo their application in any environment. Project Link
Adrian Babilinski
Unity Developer | XR Guru - Programmer
Killer Klars
a month ago
We ourselves are working in this area and I can say for sure that now we must implement new business solutions. They help to make the work process more automated. We have hired a special development team for this purpose, they advise on salesforce ukraine . This system actually helps to simplify the workflow, to make it more economical and autonomous. In such cases, it's better to trust the proven teams to make the debugging unique based on the company's request. That's exactly what happened, that's why I'm truly grateful to them for the highest quality work. Integration of high quality business solutions is the way to the future.