Nogalious MSX Torrent Download [portable]
Published 3 months ago

Nogalious MSX Torrent Download [portable]

About This GameNogalious MSX is a pixel-art action adventure set in a medieval-themed universe with plenty of puzzles and menacing challenges. Take on the role of Nogalious, a former knight of the Kingdom of Rusadir, and explore 5 different worlds to save your daughter Mariet from the evil claws of Darama.Nogalious brings back the magic of 8-bit computers to your PC! Nogalious MSX is the same game that you can play on your physical MSX system.Stop Darama, former right hand of King Alphan, from conquering the Kingdom of Russadir. Beat the armies of minions commanded by 4 terrifying bosses –Zovach, Grotton, Harmor and Lordaf– and bring Mariet back home. As in classy adventures, use different objects and weapons to ruin Darama’s plans!Enjoy the MSX sistem on your PC! b4d347fde0 Title: Nogalious MSXGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, IndieDeveloper:LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOSPublisher:LUEGOLU3GO STUDIOSRelease Date: 28 Feb, 2019 Nogalious MSX Torrent Download [portable]
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