Node Map
Node Map is a solution to create node-based maps in Unity. Node-based maps use a defined set of points (Nodes) that the player or other units can move to using connecting routes between them (Paths). Potential uses for a node map may be a level select screen, an overworld map, or a graph-based travel system.
Using Node Map is a breeze, with easy in-editor controls and shortcuts to quickly create and edit complex configurations of nodes. The built-in pathfinding system can be used with the included player and AI scripts, or extended using the API to work with your own scripts.
Features * Quickly lay out and edit node-based maps in the Editor * Auto-positioning of path markers * New in v1.1: Option to render line between nodes * Highly customizable visuals for nodes and paths * Able to render in either 2D or 3D * Multiple input types supported * Agent-based movement system with pathfinding * Fully-exposed API with events
Justin Schneider
Developer - Programmer