NODE - 314 Entertainment - Neon challenge - Final submission
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An underground interconnected city of great innovation.

BGM by Kurisupi Beikon - "Free at last"



We call ourselves 314 Entertainment. I am Rashaun James Torralba, the creative director for this project, I specialize in creating 3D CG art. I learned 3D art for motion graphics and films. But I recently transitioned to 3D art for game development. My team members are also Digital artist specialized in 3D CG art and animation. When I saw the possibilities of real time rendering, because of the unity short film Adam I was completely amazed and immediately studied the engine. This is our first completed realtime rendered project in unity. We have on going projects right now but for research and testing purposes.



Node is a massive interconnected cyberpunk city underground the Earth's inhabitable surface. We will focus on the central city in which the other cities connects to via the hyper-loop train systems.The idea is that the Earth is already inhabitable, full of polluted and radiated atmosphere. Humans, animals and plantlife can no longer survive its harsh environments and basically extinct.
The city features familiar technologies from today and shown as more technologically advanced, like the hyper-loop, hovering electric powered vehicles, Artificial intelligence, etc. The city is conceptualized to have an upper district for the wealthy and more advanced mechs/synths, and the lower district for their poor slave counterparts.
Here are our references images, insipirations and concepts:
Most of our inspirations are from Final Fantasy 7's Midgar, Star War's Coruscant and Bioshock's Rapture. With a mixture of Utopia and Distopia, in which in the surface you can see a technological richness from each cities but in reality, beneath everything you can see, there is always corruption and chaos that resides within.

Here's our very early and rough concept blocking:


We are aiming on doing every asset from scratch to further test our skills and test the Unity 2017's new features with asset importing.
-We did all the models in Autodesk Maya. And textured it on substance painter
  • We created our original character to populate the city.

We wanted to create a wealthy looking civilization so our inspirations for the architecture for our upper city deck are mostly from Star war's Coruscant.

Here are all the fictional holographic ads that we created for this world:

Cinemachine and timeline are very powerful tool for Real time cinematics


Cine-machine and timeline are very powerful tools for real time cinematic in video games and in making films as well. When utilized correctly it can lead to many possibilities in the future for tech and production. Unity's robust real time rendering engine is also amazing in ease of use and of high production quality.
We will continue on developing this project for further use and world building, there's a lot of story in this world so hopefully we could develop and show it to non cyberpunk and cyberpunk sci fi fans out there. So keep posted for any updates. Thank you so much for your time! Keep on making amazing stuff with Unity engine
Rashaun James Torralba
Creator - Artist
Enzo Austria
3D Animator/Modeler - Artist
Jim Norris
Game Artist - Artist
Prince Viterbo
3D Artist - Student