Noah's Park - AR portal to a new world
Updated 7 months ago
Inspired by the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) by the U.N. and critically endangered animals as listed by the W.W.F. (Compatible with android phones, AR core powered).

An Augmented Reality portal experience into the land of friendly creatures who are in real grave dangers.

Noah's park is a place like no other. A safe haven for critically endangered animals. Journey in to this amazing world via Augmented Reality portal and interact with animals like the Javan rhino or the Sumatran elephant, critically endangered animals who can still be saved if we care just a little bit more.


The major inspirations came from the SDG by the U.N. We looked at the different goals and how can they be translated to younger audiences in the form a fun experience.
We narrowed down on one goal for this experience. LIFE ON LAND.


We then looked into various aspects regarding life on land and dedicated our idea in terms of spreading awareness in a playful manner, so it can be appealing to children as a fun yet learning experience.
For this we looked into the critically endangered species list provided by the W.W.F.


The next task was translating this goal into a playful and educating experience (targeted to children specifically).
  • We decided to go for a low-poly style for the environment.
  • The UI (in game buttons) were kept with a big text and bright colors.
  • The overall color pallet is vibrant and fun.


The experience allows the player to enter a portal to Noah's park. A safe haven where critically endangered animals live happily. The player can go play, feed and interact with resident animals of the park.
In addition, each animal has its character card which gives out its stats in terms of population, habitat, dangers the species is currently facing and also tells about the nature of the animal.
In this way, the player can interact and learn from this experience in a fun way.
The player can travel through the portal to Noah's park or choose to bring some of the animals into their own surroundings.
shikhar juyal
M.des (Digital Game Design) - Student
Kiran Thakkar
Game Designer - Student
shikhar juyal
4 months ago
M.des (Digital Game Design)
EldonIs there an apk we can try it out on our androids? I love the UI, the animals are AMAZING
@Eldon sure, we can send you an android apk to test the game out. You can mail me on and I can mail you the apk to test it out. :D
6 months ago
VR Developer
Is there an apk we can try it out on our androids? I love the UI, the animals are AMAZING
Mala Thakkar
7 months ago
Great work! Looking forward to more such projects.
Kishor Berde
7 months ago