No Identity
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No Identity
Hi , My name is Malek, i am 2D indie game programmer, when i saw unity cinema machine and other cool stuffs, i said lets give it a shoot and try to make a 3D game, so for now i have 48 hours to make a short video that i hope i can make a game of it in future.

Final Demo

I used timeline and camera effect shader to create a logo , i manage to enhance the shader result by increasing the text scale, something that i figure it out when was accidentally playing with timeline.
Asset used in this project
  1. Dark City
  2. Surveillance/Antipersonnel Drone
  3. Earth like Planets
  4. Post processing
  5. Cinemachine
  6. Fuse
  7. Abandoned Bar #1

Malek Sakah
Game Programmer - Programmer