No Frontier
The frontier fantasy is a notion that has enabled the destruction and subjugation of native peoples, providing a romantic justification for colonial and imperial dogmas. Despite the identification of these problems, the frontier fantasy continues to be an oft-used trope in game design, due to the fact that it provides for a convenient metaphor and justification of conquest and violence on what is often posited as a blank canvas. It is the ubiquity of this fantasy in modern game design that makes it not only a morbid indicator of cultural imperialism, but also of stagnant design. No Frontier, addresses these notions of frontier fantasies through a digital game for two players in which one player will take the role of a native population, while the other will take the role of the newly-arrived foreigner. Throughout the course of gameplay, the two players must come to terms with the colonial situation in which they find themselves, and will discuss and negotiate what is ultimately a complex, ever-changing issue. Through the use of subversive procedural rhetorics this project seeks to change the ways in which people think about and discuss frontiers both within and without gamespace.
Adrian Phillips
Interactive Media Designer - Designer