No Escape
Published 7 months ago
In development
Right now, even if you keep your mouth shut to anyone, your inner secrets will be spread to people who want to know you through the Internet. The reliance on Internet electronic equipment is transforming our last privacy rights into a kind of resource. Even the information was collected from your behavior, you have no permission to access and to own. Basically, from the moment that you click “agree,” you’re basically NO ESCAPE.

Just as industrial civilization thrives at the expense of nature, now we are threatened that the information civilization shaped by the power to surveillance capitalism which will thrive at the expense of humanity. Considering that the Internet has become a necessary condition for social engagement, commerce is now subordinate to surveillance capitalism, our dependence on it is the core of surveillance capitalism. This reliance creates a mental numbness that allows us to understand the reality of being tracked, parsed, excavated, and modified, while also making people take it for granted. That is why I want to make this work.
xia han
artist - Artist
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