Ninja Struggle
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A game of struggling ninja who is eager to prove himself and want to be
a master by haunting the dragon of the fire mountain who is always a threat to his people.
Addictive 2d action game developed with Unity3d game engine.
Meet The struggling ninja who is trying hard to prove himself as a ninja to his ally and his master.
People around him doesn't consider him as a ninja. So he left his village to hunt the Dragon of the mountain of fire.
Roam around the beautiful world of ninja struggle to hunt the dragon and prove yourself as a Master ninja.
Game mode : There is Two game mode for players to enjoy. Campaign mode will take you to the story of ninja and infinte mode to compete againts other players which score will be on leaderboard.
Character: There is 6 different character to play with. Every hero with different weapon and appearance.
Collect different type of gems to unlock each hero.
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