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Published 4 months ago

Ninja Guy Activation Bypass -

About This GameNinja Guy, the humorous and quirky ninja action game has now come to Steam! This version includes all new exclusive improvements such as refined gameplay, graphical post effects and Steam Achievements!Ninja Guy has generated somewhat of a cult following on mobile and has amassed over 70,000 Ninja Guy fans on Facebook! Now, the Ninjaverse has never looked as awesome with realtime dynamic lights and shadows, gorgeous screen effects, more than twice the amount of enemies on screen and totally revamped gameplay to allow for super fun action using the Joypad or the Keyboard / Mouse! From a peaceful training village to a hell-like demon world, you control Ninja Guy! You will guide him on his bizarre and epic quest to prove himself to the Holy Cow Sensei by bringing down an evil gargantuan Minotaur! You are Cow Sensei's last hope, and final student .. Will you finally attain your Ninjaness? Ninja Guy will have you laughing along to his almost never-ending supply of dim-witted Ninja catchphrases, such as the classic "2 + 2 = NINZAAA!" Remember... Gun's don't kill people, Ninja Do! d859598525 Title: Ninja GuyGenre: Action, Casual, IndieDeveloper:Immunity StudiosPublisher:Immunity StudiosRelease Date: 5 Jan, 2015 Ninja Guy Activation Bypass ninja science guy. fly guy's ninja christmas. scared guy ninja pose. ninja guy kicks cat. ninjago lego guy. enter the ninja deformed guy. ninja blazing guy. might guy ninja rank. black guy ninja turtle nose. is ninja guy. ninja fail guy. ninja guy fieri. ninja gaiden nunchuck guy. ninja guy fortnite. guy ninja costume. ninja guy gets scared. ninja shy guy paper mario. ninja moves guy. ninja warrior uk ginger guy. hockey guy ninja turtles. ninja scroll rock guy. himym ninja guy. ninja he's my guy. ninja guys out there. ninja turtle bad guy names. ninja backflip guy. anime ninja assassin guy. ultimate ninja challenge guy higgins. ninja guy toy review. tall guy ninja 650. ninja turtle bad guy action figures. ninja stick guy. ninja family guy. ninja guy on agt. ninja roblox guy. ninja warrior guy. fly guy ninja christmas reading level. might guy ninja storm 4. ninja shy guy color splash. guy naruto ninja heroes. ninja nerd guy. ninja family guy impressions. ninja fat guy movie. ninja warrior guy jumps log. ninja classic talent guy lee. ninja guy meme. guy gilchrist ninja turtles. ninja guy dan. ninja punjabi guy. guy in ninja turtles. ninja kick guy. ninja turtles bad guy pig. american ninja warrior guy drowning. ninja black guy. deaf guy ninja warrior. ninja turtle guy. ninja guy rta. ninja voltage might guy. ninja guy from one punch man. ninja guy in one punch man. ninja guy youtube. might guy ninja blazing. fail ninja drunk guy. ninja nice guy. american ninja warrior guy breaks leg. black guy ninja movie. ninja guy one punch man. ninja turtles pizza delivery guy. ninja turtles guy with hockey mask. ninja guy vine. guy ultimate ninja challenge. ninja turtle movie pizza guy. black guy ninja turtle meme. ninja blazing night guy. ninja guy on fortnite. ninja turtles bad guy brain. ninja on guy's grocery games. ninja turtles hockey guy. ninja star guy. ninja guy anime. ninja storm 4 guy vs madara. ninja warrior guy with one leg. afro ninja nunchuck guy. ninja guy yo. ninja guy picture. ninja guy apk This isn't the worst way to spend an hour. If you can pick this up for a few pennies and want seven fairly easy steam achievements, it's not bad. Don't expect much though.I don't know why a ninja would have an anthropomorphic cow with a stereotypical Hindu accent for a mentor.. Easy to 100% in less than an hour. That's the only good that can come of this.. Very funny game , It is small game , but funny !You must try it !. Worth a good 80-85 minutes. + It's got a neat art style and funny dialogue+ Got increasingly more difficult+ Fast-paced+ Short and it's cheap- No checkpoints - you have to backtrack when you die!- Easily exploitable levels make it really easy sometimes- Enemies spawn directly above you / you respawn on top of themPretty good game overall, 7/10 IGN.. The amount of content in this game is very minimal, 5 stages. If you don't encounter any bugs, it'll take you 20-30 minutes to breeze through it. Unfortunately for me, every single level I found a bug that made me restart the level. The hit boxes are a joke too..I mean it was kinda fun but it definitely isn't anything special...or even good. The only reason to get the game is the achievments. Super easy to beat the game through a little trial and error. For $1.99 you can't complain either. If you're just curious though, maybe just look up a video on youtube instead of paying the price.. Steam, come on with this♥♥♥♥♥♥ A game that's cheaper on the IOS and Android, and even then a game that you probably shouldn't play regardless.Not fun gameplay combined with glitches and hard to look at graphics, the game reeks of trying to take advantage of those who have a couple of bucks in their steam wallet after the steam sale. This game within the first 10 minutes made me want to stop, but I did put together some gameplay footage with more indepth information here: short, no. Just no.. Ninja Guy for Steam is hilariously random! You really can’t expect a game featuring a “Holy Cow Sensei” to be taking itself seriously! lolThe game is priced pretty much the same as Ninja Guy HD on iOS - except now it has huge waves of enemies, support for joypads and really cool effects that weren’t in the original (of which I was also a fan).The game mechanics revolve around managing your “Ninja Focus”. When you use your ninja stars, jump attacks, whirlwind or torpedo moves this all uses up Ninja Guy’s blue bar. Even though it regenerates slowly on its own, the idea is that killing enemies boosts your Ninja Focus allowing you to potentially chain an unlimited supply of special moves one after the other. If you simply hack and slash without much thought (without killing enemies), you’ll run out of Ninja Focus and be left with simple melee moves - and that leaves you vulnerable to ambushes. There is definitely an element of tactics required to succeed in this game.All things considered, for this price the game is great fun!
Trish Brown