Night Dreaming
Updated 2 years ago
Night Dreaming is a one man made pixel art game.
Created by: Kenneth J. Huerta.
Genre: Adventure RPG.
Hello everyone, I know I might be somewhat late to the competition but I wanted to make a good first impression with this game, I didn’t want to announce something I wasn’t proud of. I started working on this early this month and I have made my best so far to make something worth people’s interest.

Night Dreaming:
Night Dreaming is a one man made game inspired by games like Earthbound and Link to the Past.
The main character is a 10-year-old boy named Will who has a severe case of insomnia. Will hasn’t been able to sleep in a while and has begun to experience micro dreams.
Will will visit a school, a forest, a hospital and different places during his dreams, each place containing different enemies and puzzles. Will can only escape his dream once an area is finished.
Earthbound is the inspiration behind the art but the gameplay is meant to resemble Zelda, Will will have to use different items located in his dreams to deal with the enemies of his imagination.
2D Pixel Perfect:
Pixel perfect was essential to my project, I use pixel art after all :)
I had several issues maintaining a crisp image at different resolutions in the past but I haven’t had any issues while making this game, and that is all thanks to Pixel Perfect.
If I turn Pixel Perfect off then the art wouldn’t look as crisp and some pixels might not even be visible, it´s even more noticeable while moving the character in-game.

Thanks for reading, the game is still in very early development but I plan to make this a reality.
Ps. I am using more than just pixel perfect and will continue to upload the rest of the documentation in the next couple of days.
Kenneth Huerta
Night Dreamers - Designer
Kenneth Huerta
2 years ago
Night Dreamers
SonWhew lad, that looks super pretty. Good work!
Thanks! I'm not an artist so I really did my best to make it look somewhat decent :)
2 years ago
Whew lad, that looks super pretty. Good work!