New updates and more in February... | Sunday article
Published 9 days ago
Hi gamers,
This month (always if there are no problems) there will be updates for Go House and (perhaps) FPSOne. However, before talking about the updates, I wanted to tell you other things:
1) All programs and videogames are developed by my programming team, the GHTeam (GoHouseTeam); 2) I will try to make an article every Sunday, to give you information on how the development of the videogames and programs of the GHTeam is proceeding.
Now let's see the updates that will come out this month
Finally we will update Go House to version 1.4 . Version 1.4 will introduce:
  1. The settings: full screen, resolution and quality;
  2. New level;
  3. The score (token= +1, enemy= +2, death= -2);
  4. The victory scene.
Then comes version 1.0.1 of FPSOne which will:
  1. Remove the invincibility;
  2. Add to start scene the buttons: "Quit game" and "Credits".
Now let's leave the updates aside and see a future new program: Emulate your cyber attack.
This program will emulate a type of hacker attack: brute force attack. It is written in Java and it's harmless, in fact the program will emulate the attack inside it.
We have been working on it since Monday and it is doing well, now we have to start doing the graphics and then we should do the "programming side".
This is all from the "Sunday article" and see you at the next article or a next update!
Hi, I'm 2008matteo. - Programmer