New Project (Systems)
Published 5 months ago
In development
I don't have a name locked down yet, or any quality images but I wanted to talk about it anyways. It's a hybrid game combining RPG, Strategy, Roguelike along with Action elements. I took inspiration from games like Azure Hearts, Suikoden and Demon Souls. The main story is pretty straightforward, at the center of town is a dungeon. This dungeon is 90% random with the rest being mini bosses and special story driven rooms. When you go in the dungeon you can't just leave, the only way out is either death or special checkpoints. If you do die you lose all your items, stats and dungeon progression. The main goal is to get to the lowest floor and discover what's really going on. That's it for the main story, you could focus on that and none of the other elements and still complete the game. There are over 100 levels so that alone could take awhile, however I enjoy storytelling so there are other things to do. In the world map you can explore, discover lore and unravel some mysteries. During your exploration you will rune across many NPC's who could potentially join you in your quest. How they contribute will vary from upgrading weapons to selling items. Once recruited they will travel to your town and build them selves a home/shop. Finding and recruiting them all will require time and patience as some give quest while others just don't appear until certain events happen. Once you recruit the Innkeeper you will have the option of sending out small parties to partake in turn based grid battles similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. These battles will require people, people you have to recruit so they work together. Completing those TB battles will unlock special levels for you to go to and explore. I choose to go with an action controller similar to demon souls to add some challenge to the combat. Inventory management is minimal, think Lord of the Rings - Shadow of Mordor where for the most part your just upgrading your current gear. The last piece of the systems is a choice/outcome system that does affect the game. Since it's not necessary to complete any secondary quest to complete the game it's very possible you make a choice that totally kills off a NPC in turn blocking you from experiencing there questline. So that's a little about the systems in my new project. The best part is they are already implemented and working together.

William Paige
Indie Dev - Designer
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William Paige
5 months ago
Indie Dev - Designer
Working on a good demo to show off all the features, get the ball rolling on advertising..... the hardest part for me.