New Age City
Updated a year ago
Imagination of future city layout
Hello everybody! My name is Aleks, I'm working as Unity Developer on freelance base. I have big background as desktop business developer and with Unity I'm not so long. Anyway I decided to participate to see what I can do with my current skills. From the very begining final render:
List of used assets:
Free Rocks Ruined Tower Free Ancient Ruins in the desert Futuristic Panel Textures Lite Cinemachine Yughues Free Ground Materials GhostFreeRoamCamera Autumn Mountain Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack Sci-Fi Scout Drone Nature Starter Kit 2 TENKOKU Dynamic Sky ProBuilder Advanced Procedural Examples Post Processing Stack
History of development
Original idea was to make neo buildings like mushrooms. Roof was considering to be solar battery faced to sun automatically. Appartments should be mobile and fly to another host or resort etc. Some communications between hosts.

I created draft in 3D Max and realized it will take much time to do something visually perfect, so I decided to find something suitable in Asset Store.
I found a free modular package which was styled but very well done and promised. I took Adam exterior as environment and start to build tower with the modules.
When I got next result I found Adam assets are prohibited from using. Much work with environment adjustment was lost:(
I started to look for a substitution and stopped on Nature Starter Kit 2 and TENKOKU - DYNAMIC SKY.
Unfortunatelly provided scene crashes in Unity 2017.3. I started to build terrain from the scratch. I have never do this before.
Fortunarely core of modules were ready but had to be detailed. Roof of a floor is hydroponic farm with solar batteries. Every floor can be rotated to be lighted by sun regularly. Each corner has gateway for a flyer parking. It looks like for the idea I have no time. Will look.
I created 2 types of levels - with inner details for close looking and empty for far one. I used 5 towers with connections and some environment improvements.
Found old procedural lighting bolt and adapted to 2017.3.
For environment extension was decided to use some ruins. As option idea was to use modern city ruins but no good free assets were found and I used some simple desert ruins and rocks. In the point Post Processing was added as well. Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion and Bloom changed the picture significantly. Also switched on Anti Aliasing in Quality setting. For buildings which will be close to a camera Reflection Probes were added.
Start to play with Cinemachine, Timeline and animations. Found difficult to preview Timeline result in editor. What I see there is different from play mode. In general very good tools, got interest to learn them more because I feel I used very basic possibilities.
Today is last day. Last polishes. Added mountains, flying ship and additional clips. Have no time for anything else, need to render and upload.

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