2nd Year Group Student Project
This was the final project for me and my team for the second half of our Game Design course in 2016. We spent the semester going through Norse mythology and creating games that attempt to capture the culture of early Nordic civilizations. But in our final project we were give a significant amount more freedom so instead of sticking to realism we just went with Vikings in space. This was one of the first games I took a heavy programming role for and one of the first games I was involved in that was pretty mechanics heavy. Its basically just a bullet hell shooter set in space as the last remaing citizens of Earth have escaped from the ongoing Ragnarok. But the deities involved in the destruction won't allow them to escape. So you must destroy the dragons terrorizing the space stations in order to live peacefully. Yes, this is very, very stupid and yes, the name is very, very long.
This project can be viewed and downloaded at
Nicholas Reynolds
Technical Artist - Designer