Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation System
The Neuromender Stroke Rehabilitation system was a keystone project for myself and several other students during the final year of our studies at Murdoch university. The system makes use of off-the-shelf hardware such as HDMI port equipped laptops and <$200 Kinect 2.0 devices in order to provide stroke survivors with an affordable, portable and easy to use stroke rehabilitation system that is ~200x cheaper and lighter than robotic rehabilitation systems and several dozen times smaller and more portable. My responsibilities here involved completely redoing the user interface to make it more understandable to stroke survivors by updating the UI to use the canvas based system present since Unity 4.6 and by updating the graphical look of the system. I also collaborated with other members of the team to design the rehabilitative arm-extension game used by the system. Due to the quality of our work, we attained a finalist position in the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications (WAITTA) INCITE award in the Best Student Product of the Year category. As far as I am aware —having finished my studies and thus being out of the loop— the system is currently undergoing medical trials and should hopefully be commercially available soon.
Michael Vatskalis
Programmer/Game Designer