Nestables (WIP)
IP Owner: Tribal Gaming
Nestables is an interactive crypto-collectible game with a wide range of gameplay sure to keep people of all ages engaged and entertained. Here are just some of the features:
Collecting Resources: Task your Cube with collecting resources to build homes, expand your nest and more!
Build Your Nest: Build a world for your Cubes to explore, play and work in. Decorate your Nest with pre-made props or make your own!
Breed and Collect Cubes: Breed your Cubes to make unique off-spring! Each Cube has physical and personality traits inherited from their parents.
Blockchain Integration Powered by Enjin : You own your 'Cube'! On the marketplace you can trade and sell your Cubes, builds, wearables and skins.
It raised 21K during the presale. The goal was 20K.
I was solo programmer so every technical part is implemented by me. I worked on some design parts too.
I made Cube showcase in the presale page of the website is created by Three.js.
Alireza Tarahomi
Game Developer - Programmer