NEPS Backstory - More about Us
Published 2 years ago
Quick overview of our history and objectives
People often ask me, really... WTF IS this thing that you are building/trying to achieve ?????
The answer is complex and vast; but the best place, I feel is to start at the beginning.
At one time in my life I was a musician, trying to start a musician contact website in Toronto called It was reasonably successful but sadly advertisers realize musicians are terrible customers and overall a poor target market. At the same time I found myself with 2 young children and was watching alot of cartoons.
I realized that using proper software it MAY be possible to replicate these "series of images" using specialized software. I then got immersed in the DAZ world and was able to work with their kit to produce some reasonably complex animations. I used Premier Pro and greenscreen to produce the "final" clips and this was going well; reasonable "quick" production.
But there was this "new" solution, Unity. It promised to do everything that DAZ could do; but with real-time rendering. The animal and human models were much more compelling. The "big idea" was to blend the 2 softwares to create quick and dirty animations. Using the right pipeline and a few people, I could "easily" bang out an episode a week, THAT IS THE ULITIMATE GOAL OF THIS PROJECT.
But.... once you get your hands INTO Unity it only seems right to make an actual "game".
So; after at least 4 versions, many updates, a billion reworks, today, as I stand RIGHT NOW.... I am waiting for an update so I can move forward... just like always. Bigger, better, faster, running with no errors. It's a hard hill to climb and Unity is like some freaking enormous game of Jenga. It sucks when it all comes crashing down; but when you rebuild it somehow fresh and it's part of the process or something... weird but true. Using this type of software; doing what I am doing you have to not be afraid to start all over again, try again, try harder. It's weird but if you have been touching Unity as long as I have; you get used to it.
But as it stands today I have a prototype of single player and multiplayer available for download and they do work.
I expect to bang out the new version, with weapons and new charms in the next weeks. Once compiled it's a one-line update using Command Prompt and butler, so it's easy updating; works like a charm. Incremental improvements is the goal.
I am looking to attract a talented team of developers; people who are quick/dirty/greedy and don't mind breaking things. I pay a small sum for consults and am willing to give % of gross revenues for specified time period to the right people to get the job done right. Stay tuned for more updates and AMA if you want; in private if you prefer.
Thanks for reading
Chris Cowan
Former Dazaholic - Owner