NeonPunk (Challenge Complete)
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This project is remake version of my old school project SneakPunk. This will be my final post for this challenge, but my work will continue until this project is finished as a game.
World Overview
The year is 2045, and the result of unchecked capitalism has been the balkanization of major government powers, and a rise in the power of multinational corporations in their place. The Tower, the name given to the large all in one structure that dominates a large portion of the skyline, is a typical example of corporate power. The adage “Life is cheap” is the catchall for life all over the world, and it especially rings true for life in The Tower. The lower portions consist of the squalid dwellings of the common workers, with the only breaks being in the commercial areas. Even though they are constantly in use, the lower sections of The Tower are not well maintained and are quite dirty and decayed, clashing with the bright neon lights, computer displays and technologically advanced structure. Not all of the lower areas of The Tower are inhabited or maintained however, which makes breaking and entering the sections belonging to the corporate elite feasible. These uninhabited sections are however guarded to varying degrees.
This is a environment beta for the First Person Stealth Game. The goal is to sneak pass the guard and various defense mechanism and vertically progress towards the top of the tower. Essential to the gameplay is the idea of a design not constrained to simply just a horizontal plain but a whole 3D space. The player is rewarded with increasingly more impressive vista points of the surrounding city and areas of lower intensity during the transition to higher areas.
Area (Start) _
Area 01

Area 02
Area 03
Area 04
Vista Point
Assets used
From the Asset Store:
Post Processing Stack
Victorian Alley
UBER - Standard Shader Ultra
Character FX Shader
Third Person Controller
Sci-Fi Level Kit (HD)
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