Published 2 years ago
Neon Challenge Project
References and Design
When talking about a futuristic world, some giant flying creatures comes into my mind. It's a peaceful and harmonious world where human being is no longer the dominator.
I didn’t find out this neon challenge until it almost ends. Time is tight, what I can do is to keep the scene simple and make as much use of the Assets Store as possible. I spent several minutes on a very quick sketch which builds up the color and the mood. Then I borrowed some beautiful pillars from Georgi Simeonov’s amazing drawing.

Background Story
Human explored much further in space decades later than now, at the cost of the environment on the earth getting worse and worse. People's only hope is interstellar colonization. “Neonptune” is one of the target planets located in outer galaxy. When the first group of settlers land there, they don't notice that the aboriginals are quietly approaching their base..
The world consists of a island floating on the ocean with some stone pillars around it.
First, I did some modeling in Maya based on the rocks (Free Hand Painted Rocks N Boulders) I found in asset store.
Then I set up the scene and camera in Unity.
I created a simple terrain with a “White City” model (from asset store) on top of it. The water is from the standard assets.
For the flying creatures, jellyfish was my first thought, but I found the “Humpback Whale” package which also looks pretty good, if not better. (more importantly, it’s free XD).

It turned out that I don’t have enough time for texturing, so I mostly used the models' original textures and created several custom shaders with the existing maps. The skybox is designed in a way that it looks like it's in the outer space. I used the "BlueGreenNebular" from 3Skyboxes2 (Asset Store).
All of the animation (whales and cameras) are set up by cinemachine and timeline.
Post Processing
With Post Processing Stack, I did color correction and bloom, as well as depth and ambient occlusion.
First Look
It seems there’s no focal point in the scene to catch audience's attention. There is flickering issues on the whales back. To fix it, I created a “moon” above the terrain to highlight the focus at the center and changed the models back to the original texture maps.
MANY thanks to my friend Mengkuei Chang, who composed the amazing background sound. It’s a small piece of his Sci-fi theme project.
Final Piece

A lot of issues need further tweak such as atmospheric scattering and depth of field. So far, an hour before the deadline, I've done my best. This project is a very good unity-learning experience to me. It's challenging for me to complete a shot in a really short period of time, but I really enjoyed it.

Asset Store Resource Used
Cinemachine (Free)
Postprocessing Stack (Free)
3Skyboxes2 (Free)
Concrete textures pack (Free)
Free Hand Painted Rocks N Boulders (Free)
Humpback whale (Free)
Standard Assets (Free)
WhiteCity (Free)
Unity Recorder (Free)
Software Used
Autodesk Maya
Unity 2017.3.0f3 Personal
Adobe Premiere
Sherry Zhu
3D Artist - Artist