Neon: Sunk Tunnel
Published 3 years ago
Post Apocalyptic New York
While crossing a sunken tunnel, one can enjoy a bowl of Ramen.
The inspiration for this scene came from a mixture of Neon Challenge images ( Wetland - Parrot Posts/Flute Trees (2012), Georgi Simeonov ) and one of my favorite movies "The Fifth Element" the scene with Mr. Kims.
The idea is that you will be able to approach the boat and the attendant will try to sell you on taking the ride to the other side of the tunnel + a bowl of Ramen of course.
Once on the boat, the girl will fish and battle an octopus in the tunnels, the fish and octopus tentacles are passed to the Chef robot. You will be able to change views between watching the girl fish and the Ramen / sushi cooking robot. All of this are somewhat pre-recorded timelines, that randomly play.
At least that was the idea, but maybe it was too ambitious !
Erik Behar
Programmer & Technical Artist - Programmer