Neon Space City
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Neon Space City

my name is Chethan Kumar, I am a 3D artist, I've always wanted to create real-time cinematic scene using multiple cameras in unity, As a unity user it was a perfect opportunity to create a cinematic scene using Cinemachine, Timeline, and unity Postprocessing stack, from unity asset store.
Hear you find futuristic digital world with human in flying vehicles, concept shows where earth no longer sustain life.Because of mankind's irresponsibility,Pollution has poisoned the environment , And no effective measure has taken before it happened. Instead, humans came up with a solution based on another use of technology to exile humanity on spaceships, humans are almost in the entire digital world, they don't care about the earth and don't really seem to know much about it.
Material Creation,
I have started blocking the scene using Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack from unity asset store,This pack allowed me to design a beautiful level, and pack contain 153 prefab most of the prefab were designed to aligned each others.
I have also imported a character from mixamo and posed it in the 3D application.
Production Process,
Started level design using Sci-Fi Styled Modular Pack,
Imported character from mixamo and posed it in the 3D application
Created vehicle simple transition animation using unity animation window,

Environment Scene has baked to get rich indirect lighting and also high-quality shadow maps from static game objects, For character, I have created light probes for the character to store baked lighting information from scene to provide high-quality information on moving character in the scene,
After setting up the scene and light baking, added unity postprocessing stack to get the cinematic look from the scene,since cinematic postprocessing configured in a correct order and user-friendly UI made me easy to use and get better cinematic output using debug view.
cinemachine is the great asset, it allowed me to switch between multiple cameras procedurally, and also target's the defined game object where ever I wanted on the screen.
Another great tool from unity, Helped to stack the sequence in unity itself,

Post Processing Stack,
No words Post processing stack gave highest visual quality look to the scene.

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