Neon - Moment (FINAL)
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We wanted to focus on the MOMENT of transformation. In the character, and environment.
LOG #4 - FINAL ENTRY JAN 14/2018

We're finally ready to call our entry complete! It took many, many late nights and sleepy days and we couldn't be more proud of how this scene turned out. Learning to use the new Cinemachine, Timeline and Post-Processing features was an absolute blast, and we can't wait to put the skills we've acquired to use in all our future game projects.

Creative Team:

  • Rebecca Kremer- Scene Creator and Artist: Self-taught 3D artist currently working as a Surfacer(Texture Artist) at Tangent Animation, a studio which produces feature films in Winnipeg, Canada. Has big dreams. Currently needs to spend more time sleeping so she can enjoy said dreams...
  • Joshua Hurd- Sound Design: Mild-mannered programmer by day, less-mild game developer by night! Currently working on a 2D game called Moonflight which is fabulous.

Asset List:

  • Cinemachine, Timeline and Postprocessing Effects v.2
  • Fog Volume 3
  • Eye Advanced
  • Lens Flares Pack Free
  • Ultimate VFX (v3.1)
  • CGY-ATM Free
  • Recorder
  • Sci-Fi Design Kit
  • Sci-Fi Battery Pack Kit
  • ShaderForge
  • Playmaker
  • Standard Shader Pack
  • UBER - Standard Shader Ultra
Material Creation: The main character, Proto was sculpted in ZBrush with clothes done in Marvelous Designer, retopologized in Topogun2, unwrapped and rigged in Blender and surfaced in Substance Painter. The train station was modeled in Blender and surfaced in Substance Painter. All other assets are from the Asset Store with some textures from

LOG #3 JAN 12/2018

Over the past few days we've created a more intricate scene using the versatility of the Cinemachine system. Animation is still in the keyframe stages for the main character, Proto, and we’re planning on adding more demons to the mix. (Right now it looks like they're being beaten up by invisible thugs!)
Using models from the Asset Store, we were able to quickly put together a scene - we got creative, making the train out of pieces of walls, doors, and wires. Then, we slapped on some nifty spark prefabs and the train was good to go.

Since the last update I've really start to understand the ins and outs of Timeline and Cinemachine, as well as how to create abstract looks using Post Processing. It seems complicated, but then you start to figure it out and it's just amazing! -Rebecca Kremer

LOG#2 JAN 8/2018
Here at Sparrow House Games we are two friends with big dreams! Our goal is to to master emotional and atmospheric storytelling in videogames using Unity, which is why we decided to enter the Neon Challenge, as an opportunity to grow and hopefully get our work out in the spotlight.
We decided to forgo the tried-and-true Cyberpunk aesthetic and create something completely new:
Something beyond the technology of the present era. Something Transformative. We wanted to capture the very moment of change, from the humanity we know, beset by our own demons into something new. Something beyond our understanding.

The character, Proto, was re-created for this contest. He is near and dear to my heart and his design is perfect for the feeling I wanted to achieve for this scene. -Rebecca Kremer

LOG#1 DECEMBER 2017 - Asset Creation

Rebecca Harrison
Surfacer at Tangent Animation/SHG - Artist
Designer-Espacially Low Poly Models+Developer
Nice work ! thumbsup
Rebecca Harrison
2 years ago
Surfacer at Tangent Animation/SHG
Sascha GundlachOh man, I thought you guys would have made it into the top ten at least.
Aw thank you :) I don't think it was quite what they were looking for. Learned a lot making it, though.
Sascha Gundlach
3 years ago
Indie Dev
Oh man, I thought you guys would have made it into the top ten at least.
Rebecca Harrison
3 years ago
Surfacer at Tangent Animation/SHG
Sascha GundlachThis is really great! You guys need way more Likes!
Thank you! I'm really proud of how it's turned out!
Sascha Gundlach
3 years ago
Indie Dev
This is really great! You guys need way more Likes!