Neon Market
Updated a year ago
Changed my setting a bit. Got a bit lost in the scope of the other environment.
This is what I have so far. Feedback is welcome!

Played around with Cinemachine and the lighting. Also Added a few characters.

Spend a long time baking these lights... but it's worth it! I added quite a lot since my last update.
For now the next step is:
  • Blocking in more of the skyline
  • Add some motion to the camera en learn a bit about timeline an Cinemachine
  • Add the first character to lay out a pipeline for the characters
Also, feedback and suggestions are very appreciated!

I think I am finally settled of how my location is gonna look like more or less. In the background is the big city. Had a lot of fun modeling and sculpting the floor. Really happy with how it turned out.

Added more bigger stuff to the scene. Also Added a few animals.

Worked on my benchmark models. Made this little scene to see if it works.

Super excited for this challenge! I am extremely busy this time of year but I hope I can finish this. Since we are allowed to use the assetstore I can save some time.
I am going to apply the things I learned from my last cyberpunk environment:
For this environment I am going for a crowded cyberpunk market with lots of little details and dirt.

Angelo Jusay
a year ago
Unity3d Generalist - Programmer
Good stuff. Maybe try to put more things in the background.
Designer / Motion artist / indie dev. - Designer
Super great lighting and mood... keep the good work !
Mick Boere
a year ago
Front End Game Developer - Programmer
Looks promising Maarten, good luck.
a year ago
Head of Product, Unity Connect - Producer
Its really pulling together nicely Marrten - great stuff!
a year ago
3D/2D Artist/Animator - Student
wow good to know how powerful unity actually is :) and YES! makeHuman awesome! kinda want to go with makeHuman tho, but i dont know if it can handle custom mesh such as clothing or other properties, so i downloaded Fuse just because it can handle such stuff, minus, i doubt if i can still make a free rig on mixamo LOL. anyway good luck then :)