Neon Cube Spaceship
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Imagine a world where all planets disappeared. People began to inhabit large and strange spacecraft that had all sorts of sizes and shapes. Each company in the production of ships tried to get as many people as possible. And we observe the production of one of these companies - "Flying Life". Their ships in the form of large cubes, composed of all the necessary buildings. In moments of calm and security, these cubes are opened and show the beauty of this small town.


WIP - 1

I drew a simple concept that will help you understand the basic idea. Our small ship from a cube of armor revealed in an interesting complex of buildings. You can see that inside he is quite lively and beautiful.

WIP - 2

In the concept from step 1 I was missing color. But for space and neon bright colors is very important. So step 2 is devoted to the fact that I brought the image into photoshop and added color. Now you can clearly imagine how I see the final result of the expanded neon cube spaceship.

WIP - 3

Creation of scenes I decided to start with creating the main spaceship. Exactly this ship will be located the cube of buildings. I found a beautiful spaceship in the Asset Store(Falcon 1874 XB). And took him by the base of the head of the ship. Next in 3ds Max I created the model of the spaceship body, textured in Substance Painter and adding models to the project. I also found in Asset Store very suitable SkyBox - Nebula Space. Further, the screenshots will speak for me.

WIP - 4

Next step I created a prototype base of the spaceship. The whole ship consists of buildings. While I gathered all the cube from the simple boxes. Played around with effects and added a wave of energy before opening the cube. Now can look at the result, and I have a lot of work to create buildings.

WIP - 5

I've created 18 models of buildings to create the CC, All the buildings are quite simple, they have the Foundation, doors, Windows, and protective panels. But at the same time, each has its own peculiarity and it will be well seen in the dynamics in the light of neon signs.

WIP - 6

The next phase is texturing. The whole building has got a skin. And added a special protective plate that will give more comprehensive and secure view of the closed vehicle.

WIP - 7

Final. I don't have time to do, but the contest is coming to an end so I describe my last step. I added neon signs, light, worked with cameras and effects. Enjoy the final result. The video at the top of post.

Used Assets:

  • 3 Pack of Nebula Space Scene Skyboxes - now is deprecated
  • Neon Signs Asset Pack -
  • Video Capture -

Vadim - Programmer
a year ago
That is very exciting theme, I’m gonna follow and watch your feed.