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A stylized futuristic world
Hi, im an amateur 3D desingner, and this is the first time that im in a Challenge.For this special situation im going to create a enviroment that shows a story of a murder atempt.
I start doing the sketch , in blender , to have some Idea of what I could do.After making a big city, I realized that I couldn't do much detail if I get to work with such a big town. just like Jack of all trades, master of none.So Im doing an alley , that shows how the people live in the town, also im going to try to show a little story in it.
Asset being in use:
The ones are needed to be part of this challenge.
Im going to create all the assets from scratch.
The biggest buildings will be made with modular pieces.And the rest im thinking to make them with some more personality.

I made the sketch of the town with blender, but it is a to big project to do in a to short im changing directions
Nothing like a little crunch, to remember that you are alive, and start wishing that you are not xD
Day 2.Right now im gonna keep working on the sketch of the town, I need it done by today so that I can start working with the real assets that will be on the scene.
Also today I will add more detail on the face of Chespier and probaly start sketching his body.

Im working on the buildings now, there is a lot of work to do ahead, but im starting to like where this is going.Im making everything from scratch, from textures, to models.I use for this, blender , zbrush and photoshop.
I think is day 10, and finally im starting to know where im going.I reworked all the scenario.Now im making all the assets on it.Im going to use a steampunk stylissed ambient I hope it gets to like you guys.Im making this with a lot of olve
Day 11 the town is realy big, or that what's she said.This place is divided en 4 pieces.That shows how the economics and the power is always there, even in the future.Also the place is showing that, the higher you are, the better you live.Anyway, this is it for now, I guess that in the night I will show more progress.
Ulises Basse
3d designer - Artist