Neon City Rush
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My Take On The Neon Challenge!
My take on the Neon Challenge is my (soon to be) Video entitled "Neon City Rush"!

My Inspiration...

My inspiration comes from a mashup of a few things. First, a futuristic, neon glowing city, inspired by the movies: Tron and Tron Legacy. Second, a love for the 80's hit show Knight Rider, which featured a high tech crime fighter and a cool self aware car. While my animated short may not have a talking car, it does have a cool looking hero and a cool looking car. Next, a love of anime characters, specifically those by Squaresoft/ Square Enix. My hero character reminds me of a cross between Riku of Kingdom Hearts and Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII. Lastly, a love of 80's synth music (which I say complements the neon city quite well). So, basically trying to create a retro 80's yet futuristic neon city environment.

1-9-2018 Inspiration Update!

Another source of Inspiration was a cool episode of Teen Titans GO! Named "40% 40% 20%" which was about Cyborg having 80's inspired flashbacks when he would listen to a very 80's sounding cassette of a song called "The Night Begins To Shine"

My Progress...


I just started today, and managed to collect my assets and get them into a Unity project to start tinkering with Cinemachine. I still have a bit to learn about it (in a relatively short amount of time) , but as long as I don't over-reach in my scope of my animated short / interactive environment, I should be ok, right?

I will add more screen shots and updates to this section as I progress. The 1st thing I did was try to make a cool animated gif for my neon challenge entry page with Recorder from the Unity Asset Store. After trying to figure out how to use Cinemachine to do a simple pan down wards camera movement (and failing for about 30 minutes), I just figured I stick to what I know, and ended up using the animation window to make an animated clip of the camera movement. But it was a Cinemachine camera, so that still counts right? For my next clips I'll put Cinemachine to better use.


I didn't really get to work on too much today. I watched a few Cinemachine video tutorials on Youtube and tried to duplicate what I saw and had a moderate amount of success. I did manage to use Cinemachine and Recorder to get a nice pan from right to left of the Neon City, as a MP4 which i'll update shortly. Hopefully I can block out some time over the upcoming weekend to really get going on my video / interactive scene.

My Assets so far...

This is the list of Unity Asset Store Assets that i have used thus far in my Project...
  • Retro Aesthetics (The cool futuristic Neon City & Neon Car)
  • Deportivo Gun Man (the Square-like anime hero of Neon City)
  • Legacy Cinematic Image Effects (needed for Retro Asethetics, but were removed in order to use...)
  • Lighting Box 2.7 (really, REALLY cool image and lighting effects for Unity, also includes the Post Processing Stack)
  • Cinemachine (the meat and potatoes of our animated short / interactive environment)
  • Recorder (perfect for saving gifs, jpgs, and mp4's of your screen in Unity)
  • Retro Future Vol.1 (because your neon futuristic city, just HAS to have some cool 80's inspired synthwave!)

Final Update!!! 1-15-2018

I know that I haven't really been posting my progress, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy learning Cinemachine, the new Timeline and making various clips with Recorder.
So since I last updated I have made some good progress with Cinemachine. I wish I had more time to play / learn it so I could've made my clips more cinematic but I'm satisfied with the results I have gotten.
The "story" of Neon City Rush is that Neo, the Neon City Hero has been called into action! We follow Neo as he returns to the Neon City to save the day! I made 7 MP4 clips with recorder and 2 with the Nvidia Shadowplay option (keyboard shortcut Alt+F9) as recording a real time play through with recorder was almost impossible as my system seemed to go at about 1 or 2 frames.
Clip1 (not putting the clips in any particular order) Has Neo running to his cool Knight Rider inspired ride, which I haven't come up with a name for just yet.
Clip 2 Is a flashback clip (Much how my 1st test clip ended up being) showing a fly through into Neon City.

Clip 3 is also a flashback clip (and the last one) which shows a camera slowly pulling back from an aerial shot of Neon City.
Clip 4 is a Clip that starts out looking at the sun then pulls down to show Neo speeding off to Neon City. This was probably my hardest shot to pull off as it was both a camera move and real time play combined.
Clip 5 was a side view of Neo driving to the city. I wish I could have conveyed a better sense of speed for the driving clips.
Clip 6 shows our hero approaching the Neon City, city limits as the Neon City gets bigger as Neo drives closer to it. FUN FACT - This clip reminds me a lot of the 1st stage of the 1980's Sega Arcade Driving Game "OutRun"
Clip 7 was the Intro / Outro Clip that just says Neon City Rush. But, at least in my opinion it really, really nails that whole 1980's look and feel.
Clip 8 was the credits roll and yes I borrowed and remixed that lovely title screen to do it to! This was the second Nvidia Shadowplay clip.

Clip 9, the 1st Nvidia Shadowplay clip and the bulk of the main video, is a play though of driving through Neon City! Again, I wish I could have portrayed the high sense of speed I really wanted, but I did almost crash a few times during my playing.
Once all of my clips were ready, I edited them in Vegas Movie Studios HD Platinum 11. I added a song from Cyberleaf Studios' - Retro Future Vol. 1 entitled "Chasing Neon Lights" and another song for the closing credits from my good friend Samuel Freiholtz entitled "Neon Party" Both songs I loved upon hearing and had to put them in a "Neon" inspired project! And the neon challenge was the perfect opportunity to do so!

Asset Update 1-15-2018

  • Closing Credits (For the scrolling of the... um... closing credits!)
You never understand how important your credits really are until you have to actually have to make them

Final Thoughts...

I had a blast making Neon City Rush and hope that you enjoy my video! Comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks! I'm thinking I will revisit Neon City Rush and turn it into an actual game one day soon... Stay Tuned!
Elijah Leon
Indie Game Developer - Designer
Samuel Freiholtz
3 years ago
I love the retro graphic/feeling of the game/video. =)
Elijah Leon
3 years ago
Indie Game Developer
Farrukh AbdurGreat work. This is really unique and creative. Good luck :) Please place the video to the top of the page. It will help more easy viewing.
Thanks for the suggestion! I have just implemented it! Cheers!
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Great work. This is really unique and creative. Good luck :) Please place the video to the top of the page. It will help more easy viewing.
Elijah Leon
3 years ago
Indie Game Developer
Thanks! The Final Video is up now if you'd like to see it! Good luck to you as well!
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Nice interesting work :) Good luck. Looking forward to see the final video